Project Description

Arrival – Departure

The entrance and exit of the camping is from 08:00 – 24:00. Quiet hours are from 14:30

to 17:30 and from 00:00 to 8:00. The position of place is determined by the camping

management in consultation with the camper. Departure from the position is until

14:00. After that, you are charged with a extra day stay. Your days stay must be declared

on arrival and any change can be made in consultation with the management of the

camping. At your entry, you have to deliver your passport or identity cards, which will

remain at the reception until the moment you leave, even if you have prepaid your

account. Any change in the number of people must be indicated. Especially the

permanent customers are obliged to declare the members of their family who will

remain at the camping. Every new person will be charged extra. At the discretion of

Camping management remains the prohibition of entry campers and visitors to the

camping and expulsions for those who do not obey the rules of the camping.


The power supply is only for lighting, radio, TV, refrigerator and microwave max 1500w.

The usage of Air Condition or high power electric stove is forbidden . The evacuation of

the lavatory is being held only to the specified biological spaces. Washing utensils and

clothes takes place only in designated areas. However, you can get water from the

outdoor faucets but it is prohibited to wash utensils, clothes, cars etc. Keep clean all

areas and use special waste containers. Respect nature and do not harm the trees and

plants by throwing dirty water. The entrance and exit of watercraft out of the sea is

being made through the special ramp and the movement of watercraft outside of the

bathers’ safety zone.

At quiet hours

You may not use stereos or hi fi during quiet hours, although during other hours is

permitted, if it does not disrupt neighbouring campers. Furthermore, you should avoid

unnecessary movement of your vehicles within the camping.


We adore our pets but we don’t let them move freely. They are always on leash and

they are escorted. Of course, there should be provision for feces. In addition, we don’t

let them enter the sea in the area of bathers. If pets annoy neighbor campers, camping

management may request their isolation.

Not allowed

Any intervention – annexation that alters the image of camping, both on the camping

place and camping facilities, such as buiding roofs, fences, warehouses, barbecue or any

other structure of any texture or materials. Also interference is prohibited in network

installations eg. water supply, irrigation. Furthermore, you cannot light a fire in the

camping area and the beach. In addition, you may not use shampoo at the external


As well

Waste of all kinds thrown in garbage containers only once enclosed in bags. The

camping is not responsible for loss by theft or damage of any object or material and

moral damage caused by natural disaster. Campers are obligated to guard their own

belongings. After the end of the summer season all accessories of the caravan as ground

cloths etc. must be removed otherwise they will leave the company without any

compensation. In the place remains only the caravan. Keep the camping clean and not

throw cigarette butts and other trash on the streets and on the beach. Damage caused

by the fault of campers or visitors to facilities or equipment of camping, are charged to

the visitors’ campers. Children under 14 years old are required to make use of the

various benefits under the supervision and responsibility of their guardians.